Facebook Advertising Tools for Marketing Success

Many are still skeptical on the power of these online social media sites to bring in one’s desired amount of website traffic and contribute eventually to help bring about marketing success especially Facebook which is backed by more than five hundred million ACTIVE users (which means they access their Facebook accounts regularly and spend at the very least an hour glued to that site) and with that number of subscribers daily accessing their Facebook accounts, this amazing social networking site can really be a potential goldmine for small and big businesses alike to reach a more precise target of customers. Whatever your business is, whether big or small, your business could use a way to expand your customer base quickly without spending so much and with a website that has almost all its users log on everyday, some of them more twice in a single day to interact with friends, play games, post new content, you have a readily available possible traffic to tap into and with a subscriber base that spends more than eight billion hours a month browsing the social network alone.With a Facebook account, one can set up a static page and build up a massive friend’s list, and then post content and blast advertisements and information about what you are selling to your friend’s list but with Facebook, you can reach more than the small immediate circle that you found and reach out beyond the small percentage of people that you have listed in your friends line up. Placing your advertisements with Facebook can help you reach a broader audience with the recent enhancements on the Facebook tools and advertising platform and these improvements have made Facebook more effective and even uncomplicated to use – allowing you to have better control over your options when it comes to finding your target and the amount you spend in your ads.What sets Facebook apart from the regular online traditional advertising strategies and tactics such as search engine optimization programs is that it has a more amazing targeting competence and capability which lets an advertiser choose his or her target based on geography, gender, marital status, time of the day, education, and other basic personal data and these “profiling” cannot be done in any other website used to propagate an advertiser’s efforts. And Facebook’s targeting capabilities do not just end there because with this social networking site’s Suggestion Tool, a tool that allows the advertisers to get to people using other points of interests and information that its members share.This Facebook tool analyzes data and catalogs information which is spawned and generated by the whole Facebook community and this feature gives you more targeting power and the aptitude and knack to delve down deeper into the available information that is already provided by the members themselves in the website. And the feature has just recently been modified to reach a wider audience.